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Our newfangled approach to advertising is directed creating and building the deep love for your brand. We take a non-traditional approach to traditional media – breaking standards, methods and outdated practices of audience engagement. Digi Influencers is providing Bulk Email Service USA at an affordable price.

Email Marketing

Design engaging email marketing campaigns with simple drag-and-drop tools. Your design is guaranteed to look amazing in every inbox, on every device. We provide you with an unprecedented level of comfort and ease when creating and sending email campaigns.

Bulk Email Service USA:

Bulk Email Service means sending a particular Email to a large volume of recipients. Digi Influencers provides Bulk Email Service USA. We are the leading Providers of Bulk Email Service USA. With the help of Bulk Email services you can send a mail to a number of persons or different mails to different persons in your list. Bulk Email Service mainly used for newsletter and marketing purpose. If you have a list of customers you can send them the content relevant to your business through bulk email services. It is the cheapest way to reach out to your customers.


bulk email service usa


Digi Influencers email-marketing service features include

  • Concept: We’ll create Concepts for you to get you engaged with your consumers through Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Design Email Creation: We’ll create a Professional Design Email Campaign for you to Create attractive and highly converting emails.
  • Sending Email Campaigns: We’ll send Email Campaigns on your behalf. We do it all from our end. You don’t require additional servers or any extra internet bandwidth.
  • Spam Management: We’ll use our expertise to make sure your emails aren’t marked as Spam and don’t unwittingly break any Anti-Spam laws
  • Bounced Mails: We will manage the emails which “bounce back” to avoid your future emails sent again.
  • Opt-Outs: On your behalf, we will take NO for an answer, so if anyone is opting-out, he can do so without worry of getting more emails in the future.
  • Tracking Success: Track and Measure performance of your email campaign performance real-time with in-depth graphical reports which can give us the idea for next campaigns.

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